Off to the races

Key takeaways

  • Control of the White House, Senate and the House of Representatives are all on the line in 2020.
  • With a dysfunctional Washington and a polarized electorate, voters appear to be seeking combative candidates. A more “normal” environment will eventually evolve, but it won’t happen by 2020.
  • National polls are interesting, but polls from Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, Iowa, North Carolina, Minnesota, New Hampshire and Nevada tell us more about what the future is likely to bring.

If the level of energy surrounding an election that’s 18 months away seems unprecedented, consider the fact that the stakes have seldom been higher, nor has the world been more attuned to the decisions Americans will make at the polls. The race is on, in earnest, and every candidate’s input has the capacity to impact the shape of policies and legislative agendas of the future.

That’s why our UBS Chief Investment Office’s 2020 ElectionWatch series is already monitoring key drivers of the road ahead, and examining the broader context behind what’s unfolding now in the Congressional, Senate and Presidential arenas. We will keep a sharp eye on issues with the potential to affect investors’ wealth, and we hope every UBS client will benefit from our analysis of political possibilities—including unique insights from our colleagues in the UBS US Office of Public Policy.

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